Monday, April 30, 2012

"Fire" - Krystal Meyers

Are you ready for a bold statement? While Christian music labels have spent much of the last tean years trying to catch up with secular music in terms of appeal (to their credit, they have both caught up and surpassed secular music in many ways), I honestly feel that there is one genre where Christian music far surpasses that of the secular realm: Chick Rock.

Really? Did I just say that?

Well, think about it . . . look at the collection of bands out there: Fireflight, Icon For Hire, Superchick, Barlow Girl, The Letter Black, and that's just a to name a few. Furthermore, many of the main secular names in the genre (Flyleaf, Paramore, Evanescense - yes, I went there) are all Christian groups! Superchick is especially a great example because of their tremendous crossover success, having their songs used in everything from movies to TV teasers.

With that, I introduce this week's featured song: "Fire" by Krystal Meyers.

Now, "Fire" is just a fun song about an important topic: letting your light shine and keeping your spiritual fire burning. There's a lot of fun elements to the song: rapid-fire meter changes, fun and varied guitar effects, interspersed intensity changes, and, most importantly, strong vocals. The vocals on "Fire" are especially impressive once one finds out that Meyers, with all that power behind her voice, is only sixteen.

That was all the buzz when this self-titled album came out: "How can that big voice come out of something so small wth such a sweet speaking voice?" I think it can only be summed up by remembering that the Lord works in mysterious ways . . .

Anyway, if you find that, at any point, your fire for Jesus and the Kingdom of God is at any point waning, just listen to this song. As a matter of fact, listen to it twice, just to make sure you've got it. "Fire" is very effective, both through the music and the lyrics, at inspiring those who seek to be inspired. It reminds us that Jesus is at work in us, and that we ought to, as Paul told Timothy, fan into flame the gift of God inside us, and not only let our light shine, but proactively press toward the mark of the high calling of God, so that all men may see and glorify our God.


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