Well, it's official: a place now exists on the web where you can discover all sorts of great Christian music. The best part is that you're already here!

I created Christian Music Discovery to present great Christian music that you may not ever discover in your regular course of living. I work to identify music that is not only great Christian music, but great music, period. In following this blog, you'll get to be party to all of the great discoveries I come across. That means new songs for you to download, new albums for you to add to your library, and new artists for you to follow!

Together, you and I are going to look at all varieties of Christian Music, new and old(er); from indie to major label, from heavy metal to electro-pop and all that lies in between.

Why cover so many bases? Because there is (and has been) a whole lot of good Christian music, and you deserve to know about ALL of it!

I also feel that it's important for us to see all that God has done in the lives of people who have been willing to give their lives to preaching the Gospel in music, and leading His people in worship. It can only be beneficial to see what God has done through so many singers and musicians!

With all that being said, I know you'll find something here that moves you. If you have any artists you'd like to recommend, or any suggestions, feel free to let me know. Enjoy all your new finds @ Christian Music Discovery, the place for good Christian music!

- Will

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