Monday, November 22, 2010

“Cross The Line (Box Office Blockbuster Remix)” - Superchick

If P. Diddy invented the remix, Max Hsu of Superchick perfected it, and this remix of the hit “Cross The Line” proves it.

Whereas the original version of the song was simple, tight, driven rock, the Box Office Blockbuster Remix comes from a completely different angle.

Here we have a super-expansive, even explosive, alt-metal-ish sound laced with just enough electronic backing as to add the superbly blended background noise.

The guitars have a completely different attitude from the first version: whereas, with the original cut of “Cross The Line,” you got the impression of a group of twenty Gen X-ers running through the city streets, yelling at the top of their lungs at the establishment, the Blockbuster Remix paints the picture of a crowd of twenty-thousand marching into the city, ready to break down the walls and take it over. From the get-go, you'd almost assume that it's a different song, if you didn't know better, which only serves to reinforce Hsu's gift for remixing Superchick's music.

In a word, lead singer Tricia Brock's vocals on “Cross The Line” can be described as “genuine.” The listener can completely relate to her cries as the leader of a movement of people who are willing to take the demonstration of their faith to the next level, and, most importantly, she's believable as the driving force behind such an idea.

I loved the original of “Cross The Line,” but the Box Office Blockbuster Remix took me to a whole new place with the idea.

You can listen to the remix on the YouTube video below:

I hope you enjoy the remix (and the original), and keep coming back for more great music at Christian Music Discovery, the place for good Christian Music.

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