Friday, April 15, 2011

"Change" - Merlon Devine

You know, I've heard it said that instrumental music can't be called "Christian."  Why?  "Because it doesn't have words, so how can you know it's Christian?"

Well, aside from the obvious glory that the early classical composers attributed to The Almighty, there is no reason to say that instrumental music isn't Christian.

My example?  Soprano sax artist Merlon Devine. 

Now, one thing I feel that all Christian instrumental music must do is communicate the message in an effective way.  The inflection, emphasis, and nuance must work together to make whatever point of inspiration the artist wishes to bring home.  Let me just say that Merlon's music does all of that and more, as is demonstrated on the track "Change," from the album "Breathe."

We all understand that life is going to involve change, and that change, often times, is not easy.  As "Change" begins, Merlon uses his saxophone to communicate that yes, things will change, and they may be changing right now, but that part of our process of growth in Christ involves leaving some old things behind, and letting the past become the past (yes, I got all of that from the opening sax line.)

As he takes us into the chorus, Merlon tells us that things are gonna be alright, and that, as we follow God, things are only going to get better, which is the point of the change.  Seasons come and seasons go, but in the end, God remains faithful, and will not stop being God.

As we come to the bridge, there's a moment of pause, a moment of reflection.  It serves as an opportunity for the listener to reflect on the message and say, "You know what?  You're right!"  The music then takes the listener along a natural progression, where we now look forward to the future with excitement, which is well underscored by a timely modulation.

I will say that I've had the pleasure of seeing Merlon minister this song live, and you can honestly see the power of God working through him as he plays his saxophone.  It is quite the thing to be a part of, especially once you know his story.  As we feature him in the future, we'll share more and more of that story.

All of that to say this:  "Change"  is quite the masterpiece of Christian communication, even though it has no words; that's what makes it so powerful.  I hope you enjoy it.

 You can listen to "Change" on the YouTube video below:

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