Monday, April 25, 2011

"Glory" - Casting Crowns

I love to talk about Casting Crowns: who would've thought that this youth ministry band from Atlanta would have an album that hit #4 on the Billboard Hot 200, and after 54 weeks only fall to #39?  I believe that we can officially say that God is using them to make a positive impact in our world, especially given some of their greatest hits: "Voice Of Truth," "Lifesong," "Slow Fade," "Until The Whole World Hears," and the list goes on. 

Now, while we're all well-acquainted with Casting Crown's hits, I wanted to take the time to introduce you to one of their lessor-know songs: "Glory," from their debut self-titled album. 

I get excited when I talk about "Glory:" as far as praise and worship songs go, it's a cut above.  It's incredibly simple (as far as the lyrics go,) yet it's an anthem of praise if ever one existed.  It soars in it's communication, yet serves as a congregational chorus easily lifted in unity.  Let me walk you through it:

We start out with a simple fade-in of super-delayed electric guitar, which is then punctuated by a splashes of distortion.  The kick drum then gets us moving rapidly in a forward direction; we're going somewhere now.  The bass serves to reinforce this forward progress of praise into God's presence, and then the lyrics come: "You are Holy in this place."  Yes, absolutely.  We're onto something good here.

From here, the song doesn't let up.  It takes the listener full-bore into the adoration of our great and glorious savior, Jesus, acknowledging who He is and why we worship Him.  As we get into the chorus, "Glory " then solicits something from the worshipper - a commitment: "When you call my name, I'll run to you."  Yes, after all Jesus has done for me, I'll come running!  Now questions asked!

Now, my absolute favorite part of this song is the bridge.  Why?  Because of the descant part.  Megan and Melodee offer up a song of Alleluias that makes for the most beautiful descant part I've heard in music.  The listener is lifted up and given the inward longing to sing with the angels in adoration.  The first time I heard it, I was amazed at the gifting that God had bestowed upon these two, and it ministered to me greatly. 

I believe it will minister to you greatly as well, and I'm quite sure that "Glory" will do for you exactly what it did for me: ignite an instant desire to praise God with all your might.

You can listen to "Glory" on the Youtube video below:

Stay tuned for our next review, where we'll take a look at "Like You Promised," a worship song by up-and-coming worshipper Amber Brooks.

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